Welcome, to meals at the McElroy’s!

I’m Glad you found your way here. I’m Bethany, and this is my blog. Recently I became a Stay at home wife, and mom, and found myself looking for things to do. I’ve always loved cooking as far back as my mom would allow me. I love being able to create something that every one can enjoy. My husband has laughed at me in the past about foods I’ve cooked, and wondered where I find all these kooky, yet delicious recipes. When I got married, and moved in with my husband my cooking creativity really took off, I wanted to make something different every night and see how far I could take a recipe. Over the last several years, I have perfected my spaghetti sauce, and my Chili; I’ve even created some wonderful one-pot pasta dishes. I love exploring; and challenging myself in the kitchen. When I was younger I was a semi picky eater and there were things I would, and wouldn’t eat. Today the only thing I would not eat is Liver that is where I draw the line. But everything else is fair game. Someone once told me “try everything 7 times, and if after the 7th time, you still don’t like it, you probably will never like it.” I take this and apply it to myself every time I search for something new to cook. I am an amateur, and by no means a professional chef, but when I get behind that apron, and stove, I like to think I am, and that’s ok. Maybe one day when I’ve created enough original recipes it could happen, only time will tell. As for now I will share with you my journey in the kitchen, and show you just how much fun, and crazy it can get in this little kitchen of mine.

Want to see something specific? Want to send me recipes to try myself? Contact me let me know what you think.

Until Next Time; Bon Appétit