Pumpkin rice krispe treats! 

Are you in the mood for a childhood favorite while you and the kiddos are getting ready for Halloween? Growing up I remember Rice Krispies treats were one of my favorites.When I got older and they started to make them in individual packages I was thrilled. Although it never amounted to the real homemade stuff! Today I had my niece over and knew we would be watching “spookly the square pumpkin”, so I thought, let’s make some yummy treats! Spoiler Alert: The niece approves and wanted to eat them all! 

First I have to say that usually when I make these I put them in a pan and just cut them into squares. So I learned a few things with this activity today.

1. Put the food coloring in before the marshmallows start to compleatly melt. As I was melting the Marshmallows i was scrambling to get the food coloring and thought I was going to burn the gooey concoction, lucky enough I got it in time.

2. Make sure your spoon doesn’t fall into the yummy orange goo. My one and only baking spoon fell into the melted marshmallows as I was grabbing the Rice Krispies. So I had to find another spoon to mix it all together with. All while my niece is laughing at me cuz I dropped the spoon into the pot.

3. Cut up your tootsie rolls ahead of time. As I’m rolling these delicious treats into pumpkin shapes it occurs to me that I have yet to cut up the tootsie rolls. STOP!!!! So I cut them up.

4. The longer you wait to add the stems (tootsie rolls) and leafs (green jelly beans) the less they stick.

5. Keep your hands damp, I just kept rinsing mine off when ever they got to sticky (about ever 5-6 pumpkins). The stickier they are, the harder it is to control your treats.

6.Have fun with it! It will get messy, but have fun, the kids don’t care how messy it gets, or how pretty they look, they just want to eat them!  Let them lick the spoons, and eat the left overs from the pan!

Want the recipe and directions?? Look no further!

What you will need:

1. 6cups of Rice Krispies

2. One 10 oz bag of mini Marshmallows

3. 3tbs of butter

4. Food coloring ( 4 drops of red, and 12 drops of yellow) 

5. Mini tootie rolls (about 10)

6. Jelly beans ( I bought a big bag and separated all the green from the others) 

What to do:

1. Separate your jelly beans pull out all the green and set aside! You will need approx. 20!

2. Cut your tootsie rolls in half and set aside.

3. Melt butter in a large pot, 5 quart works best. 

4. Add your Marshmallows. 

5. Add your food coloring as soon as the Marshmallows start to melt.

6. Once melted and color is mixed we’ll add in your Rice Krispies.

7. Mix well until color is even, and your cereal is mixed well with the Marshmallows.

8. Let cool for a couple minutes, when you can stand to handle the cereal in your hands. 

9. For this one I enlisted the help of my 4 year old niece. I rolled the treats into pumpkin shapes and she added the stems and the leafs to the the tops.

10. Enjoy

Did you like this recipe? Want more like it? Just comment, or contact me.

Until next time.


(Idea from Pinterest for the shapes, basic recipe from memory)


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